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The company announces Design-A-Groove tooling that is modified according to a customer's specific application requirements. Application engineers provide design assistance, price quotations and follow-up technical support. Special configurations include face grooving geometry, full or corner radius, increased depth of cut, chamfering, chip control, top rakes, and many other customized geometric combinations. Special toolholders are also available. Configurations can be provided on any Thinbit tooling, with inserts shipping from 72 hours and toolholders shipping from 2 weeks.

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PCD Face Milling System’s Diameter Cuts Large Parts in Fewer Passes

The KBDM polycrystalline diamond (PCD) face milling system from Kennametal is designed for high-volume machining, with standard sizes ranging from 2.5" to 8.0" (63 to 200 mm) and cutter diameters ranging to 21.5" (550 mm).