Cutting Tool Technology with New Grades and Geometries

Walter’s Tiger-tec Silver turning tool is designed to reduce crater and flank wear and plastic deformation.

New Product Announcements From: 7/17/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Walter’s Tiger-tec Silver turning tool is designed to reduce crater and flank wear and plastic deformation. It reduces machining times and increases process reliability, the company says.

The combination of three new insert grades and four new geometries developed in parallel is said to increase tool life and boost productivity of steel turning applications.
Of the three new grades, WPP10S offers the highest temperature resistance and hardness. It is wear-resistant and suitable for processes ranging from continuous cutting to minor interrupted cuts at very high cutting speeds. WPP20S, the medium grade, is suitable for use as a universal cutting material for processes ranging from roughing to finishing. WPP30S maximizes reliability for difficult applications such as interrupted cuts and unstable conditions.
In addition to the three grades, the technology also includes four new geometries. For facing and light cuts, the FP5 geometry is said to provide reliable chip control during turning operations from 0.008" depth of cut. The MP3 geometry is suitable for medium machining, the versatile MP5 geometry is specifically designed for general machining and the RP5 geometry is designed for roughing.
The display of products will also feature Walter Titex X-treme Inox solid carbide drills; Walter Prototyp Proto-max Inox solid carbide end mills; ValCool VPLFC low-foaming coolant; and a new generation of Walter Valenite indexable milling cutters.


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