Digital Height Gage

The company says its Digimar CX2 digital height gage is a motorized, programmable height measuring system offering a combination of features and performance previously available only in a higher price range. It is suitable for both gage lab and production measurement use. The gage features a fully motorized measuring slide that the company says minimizes operator influence on part probing for greater measurement precision and repeatability. All key measuring functions can be executed with a single press of a button, and readily programmable measuring routines make it possible to sample batches of mass-produced parts quickly and easily. Numerous measuring and evaluation functions include measurement of planes, grooves, bores and shafts, and the calculation of distances and symmetries. Max-min measurements are also supported, as are perpendicularity measurements in conjunction with a digital dial indicator. Canned routines for basic features and simple teach and learn techniques make it easy to program the gage for a range of measurement tasks. The gage has a measuring range of 24" (600 mm). This can be extended to 37" (935 mm) using standard accessories. The system's resolution is 0.0001/0.00005" (0.01/0.001 mm) and is repeatable to 0.00008" (0.002 mm). The unit weighs 30 Ibs, making it easy to move about on a surface plate without supplemental air pumps and air bearings, the company says. The gage produces a digital output for computerized data collection or statistics printer.

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