Digital Optical Comparators for Inspecting Smaller Parts

Methods Machine Tools has introduced the 300 series VisionGauge digital optical comparators developed by VisionX at IMTS 2012.

New Product From: 7/24/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Methods Machine Tools has introduced the 300 series VisionGauge digital optical comparators developed by VisionX. 

According to the company, the comparators are cost-effective desktop measurement systems suitable for smaller parts as large as 1.7" × 1.2". The comparators have an extended depth-of-field to accommodate tall parts, and a long working distance between the part and the lens provides ample clearance.
The comparators are desktop instruments featuring CAD Auto-Align and CAD Auto Pass/Fail tools. Auto-Align automatically aligns CAD data to the part in less than two seconds, producing repeatable and operator-independent results without requiring overlays or templates. The Auto Pass/Fail tool automatically determines if a part is within tolerance. The tool can be point-based or can consider complete geometric entities and perform both simultaneously on the same part.
The series is fully digital and collects complete digital records of inspections, including images, measurements and other statistical data needed for statistical process control (SPC) for documenting quality compliance. The series has no moving or consumable parts.
These comparators are a Windows-based solution that is delivered network-ready. The comparator is easy to set up and training is provided so that the systems can be ready to run on day one.

The comparators are suitable for a range of industries including medical device and orthopedic manufacturing, aerospace, cutting tool manufacturing, automotive and general machining.


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