Direct Interface for Machining Simulation

CGTech and DP Technology have developed the Esprit-to-Vericut interface.

CGTech and DP Technology have developed the Esprit-to-Vericut interface. The new interface launches the Vericut NC verification, machine simulation and optimization software from within the Esprit 2012 CAM system. Designed for complex CNC machines and machining processes supported by Esprit users, it accurately simulates the CNC machine and material removal using the actual NC code. The interface provides a comprehensive solution that helps prevent errors on the shop floor, avoiding material scrap, machine damage, broken tools and wasted time, the companies say.

Tools, fixtures and workpiece material created in Esprit are seamlessly transferred into Vericut, which is automatically set up in the correct orientation and coordinate system. Both the kinematics and controller of each machine tool are accurately modeled and defined inside Vericut to ensure that the checks mirror the exact behavior of the CNC machine. Therefore, possible programming errors can be identified without putting an actual machine tool at risk.
The Esprit CAM system is designed for two- to five-axis milling, two- to 22-axis turning, two- to five-axis wire EDM, multitasking turn-mills and B-axis machine tools. Vericut is a software program that simulates and displays the material removal process of an NC program so that programmers can verify the quality and accuracy. The program also shows full 3D simulations of NC machine tools to check for collisions.