Double-Column VMC Accommodates Taller Parts

YMT offers the KMC SR-H/SR series VMC from Kao Ming.

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YMT offers the KMC SR-H/SR series VMC from Kao Ming. The double-column series is designed with 43.3" more Z-axis travel than other models to accommodate taller parts, the company says. An automatic head changer attachment is available as an option.
All three axes of travel are fully supported by boxways to ensure rigidity and stability. The machines feature a Y-axis step design. The lower slideway is offset 2.76" from the upper
slideway to enhance headstock rigidity. This brings the center of gravity back into the upper support, which rests on top of the columns. 

The spindle is driven by a 35-hp motor and a two-speed gear transmission. Three spindle speeds are available: 4,000, 6,500 and 8,000 rpm. The optional 3,500 rpm, 30-hp horizontal head is equipped with high-precision, hardened and ground spiral-bevel gears. A coolant-through spindle system is available for both heads.  

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Standard machine equipment includes a Big Plus CT40 spindle, 15,000-rpm direct-coupled spindle with oil chiller, coolant chip flush system, three color stack light, 24-tool swing-arm ATC, through-ballscrew chiller and preparation for through-spindle coolant (with rotary union).