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Chamdrilljet--the new evolution of Chamdrill--has all of the familiar Chamdrill features and, in addition, two coolant holes extending all of the way to the cutting edges. The new product also features new drill head geometries. The system features four different, standard drill head geometries designed for optimal performance and maximum reliability when used on different materials, the company says. The IDP is for use on carbon and alloy steel (ISO P) and has a honed cutting edge. The IDM is for use on stainless steel and high temperature alloys (ISO M) and features a T-land on the cutting edge. The IDK is for use on cast iron (ISO K) and is designed with a honed cutting edge and two peripheral chamfers. The IDN is For use on aluminum (ISO N) and is manufactured with a sharp cutting edge and polished flutes. IDN (for aluminum) is made in the company's uncoated sub-micron grade IC08. All other geometries are made in grade IC908 with a TiAlN PVD coating. The company says IC908 is its most advanced grade. All the drill heads have a 30-degree positive cutting rake and two coolant holes for the most efficient flushing of the cutting edge, according to the company. The geometries of the heads were designed according to the material to be cut to provide optimal chip evacuation, drilling head life, surface finish and reliability, the company says. The drill heads cover the diameter range of 8 to 25.9 mm. IDP, IDM and IDN drill head geometries are available in 0.1 mm drill diameter increments. IDK drill head geometry is currently available in whole and mid-sizes. Drill bodies are available in the diameter range of 8 to 25.0 mm diameters, in whole sizes. Their drilling depth-to-diameter ratios will be 3×D and 5×D. All drill bodies have helical internal coolant holes that coincide with the holes in the drill heads for efficient cutting edge cooling and chip evacuation, according to the company. Shank characteristics are identical to the original Chamdrill family. Drill bodies have a 30-degree flute helix that coincides with the drill heads. This system is said to provide hole accuracy, straightness, surface finish and chip evacuation. The new system is not interchangeable with the original Chamdrill system. Drill heads will be available in boxes containing two heads. The boxes are identified by the ISO material color code. A new, easily operated, polyamide plastic key is available for head clamping and removing.

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Already available for use with CoroMill 390, CoroMill 490 and CoroMill 495 shoulder and chamfer milling systems, this expansion of the application area makes the benefits of Zertivo technology, such as long tool life and secure machining, available to a wider user profile, the company says.