Drilling Unit for Aerospace Applications

Sugino Corp. ’s portable pneumatic drilling units are specifically designed for the aerospace industry.

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Sugino Corp.’s portable pneumatic drilling units are specifically designed for the aerospace industry. The Pneucon Selfeeder line is currently being developed with cooperation of some of the largest aerospace manufacturers to streamline drilling applications on large wing and fuselage assemblies. The portable air powered units are designed to provide tight TIR of less than 0.0006” and deliver 0.0008” repeatability on depths. The typical nose mount unit to be used in fixtures with precision collet holders and clocking bushing fixtures.

The prototype units released incorporate a requested design feature from the company’s field tested double hydro-speed regulator technology, which will produce fine holes without burrs. The rapid approach of the drill is slowed when the primary control feed rate regulator is engaged prior to entering the part. As the drill approaches its preset depth, the secondary control feed rate regulator further slows the drilling unit to virtually eliminate burrs on breakthrough. The drilling units have a precision spindle and a built-in guide bar to create tight tolerances and offer through the tool coolant delivery.

The units have a precision machined turbine for smooth operation without vibrations. They operate with positive air pressure in both forward and reverse directions. The units are operated exclusively on compressed air for ease of use and safety, and they are equipped to provide cutting oil directly at and through the tooling to the tool tip where lubrication is most needed.


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