Drills For Stainless Steels And Exotic Alloys

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The CDX-Inox drills are designed for drilling in stainless steels and exotic alloys to depths of 3 × D with the R567 grade and 5 × D in the R563 grade. The drills are suitable for the aerospace, automotive, die and mold, orthopedics and petrochemical sectors. To combat the work hardening that occurs when machining stainless steels, the drills are designed with a thin margin to reduce contact with the hole surface. This minimizes friction between the drill’s cylindrical land and the hole walls. The positive geometry and coolant feed holes of both drill grades are designed to ensure effective chip management and allow the tools to perform at high feed rates while also minimizing machine downtime. According to the company, the smooth, curved design of the cutting edge promotes a uniform wear pattern. The 140-degree point promotes accurate centering while reducing thrust forces at high penetration rates. The “TiAlN-Top” multi-layer coating resists built-up edge and allows the drills to operate at high speeds, the company says.