DRO Package for Mills, Lathes Includes Tool Offset Library

Newall launches its DP500 mill and lathe DRO packages.

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Newall launches its DP500 mill and lathe DRO packages. The DRO features absolute and incremental readings, radius/diameter readings, error compensation, and inch/metric instant conversion. The unit also includes a tool offset library that compensates for different tool lengths for turning operations. The offsets can be manually programmed or entered at the machine. The package, which contains the company’s Spherosyn LT or Microsyn LT encoders, is available in two or three axes for turret mills with travels ranging to 16" × 36" (406 × 914 mm) and for two-axis lathes with as much as 80" (2 m) distance between centers.

For milling applications, the DP500 includes a bolt-hole circle routine. Users enter the data via the message prompts and the unit calculates the coordinates of each hole within the circle, saving time in such operations. 

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