Economical Bridge-Type CMM

The Spectrum bridge-type CMM from Carl Zeiss is designed for general measurement operations and can be configured to meet a user’s specific needs.

The Spectrum bridge-type CMM from Carl Zeiss is designed for general measurement operations. With the company’s RDS-C5 articulating probe holder and XDT multi-point sensor (or Renishaw TP20 touch-trigger probe), the CMM can measure angled features in locations that are difficult to reach. The articulating probe holder offers ±180 degrees of bi-directional rotation and permits indexing steps of 5 degrees reaching 5,184 angular positions for either sensor. The CMM can also be configured with the XDT directly for general, prismatic applications.
The Spectrum models offer XYZ measuring envelopes ranging from 700 × 700 × 600 mm to 700 × 1,000 × 600 mm. Hard-coat aluminum guideway elements offer a low-friction coefficient as well as corrosion, hardness, wear, electrical and temperature resistance.
Wrap-around air bearings used in all guideways provide rigidity and stability at maximum speeds and accelerations. The machine’s C99L controller reduces the need for additional floor space while delivering smooth, high-speed three-axis CNC movement for all measuring tasks. Its dual-joystick panel eases motorized control. In addition, the CMM is available with Calypso metrology software, a CAD-based software with the Visual Metrology function that requires no time-consuming, structural programming or difficult code and text editing, the company says.

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