Eight Spindles for Complex Parts

Index’s MS22C-8 from its Multiline series is a modular eight-spindle machine that is designed for machining complex parts.

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Index’s MS22C-8 from its Multiline series is a modular eight-spindle machine that is designed for highly complex parts. The multi-spindle automatic lathe can be used for a variety of applications in industries ranging from automotive to medical. It also is designed to produce small batches efficiently and economically, the company says. For added versatility, the machine can be bar fed or loaded with chucked parts.
The lathe can be configured to operate as an eight-spindle machine; a double four-spindle machine that drops two complete parts at a time; or a machine with double-rear-end machining.
Operation include turning, off-center drilling, thread cutting, inclined and cross-drilling, milling, multi-edge turning, hobbing, tooth milling, deep-hole drilling, and slotting. All standard tool holders and toolholder system interfaces can be used with a range of common adapters (Capto, HSK, VDI, INDEX systems).
Each of the eight spindles, arranged in the spindle drum, are assigned two cross-slides, which can travel on the X as well as on the Z axis. Each cross-slide can be equipped with a Y axis.
As many as two swiveling, synchronous spindles permit simultaneous rear-end machining and can have as many as 16 cross-slides.
The speed of each of the eight liquid-cooled spindles can be controlled separately. The fluid-cooled spindle drum is designed to minimize  thermal growth in the spindle carrier. In addition, the spindle bearing temperature can be kept at a low level, which increases its service life and improves thermal stability.

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