Electronic Dial Bore Gages Available with Optional LCD Indicators

Sunnen Products now offers optional, large readout electronic indicators on its entire range of dial bore gages.

New Product Announcements From: 7/31/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Sunnen Products now offers optional, large readout electronic indicators on its entire range of dial bore gages. The indicator feature six-digit LCD readouts, 11-mm character height and three large buttons. Capable of checking bore sizes from 0.054" to 12" and bore lengths up to 24", the gages allow users to set upper and lower tolerance limits for GO/±NG judgments, which are then displayed in full-size characters. Standard analog indicator-equipped gages read out in tenths; models with five-tenths readouts are also available. Operators can easily toggle between inches and metric measurement readouts.

The electronic indicator dial bore gages, accurate to ±0.00012" with 0.00005" resolution, enable scaling calculations, judge tolerance, hold data and perform general comparison measurements. Internal calculations using a simple [F(x)=Ax)] formula are also possible. Data output via SPC cable enables direct transfer of bore measurements to a computer for use with SPC software.
The indicator face displays the spindle's absolute position via an Absolute linear encoder. The positive/negative count resulting from the spindle's up-and-down movement can be toggled, and the indicator face can be rotated 330 degrees for easy reading at any angle.
Gage centralizers are adjustable to ensure proper centralization over the entire diameter range. A right-angle attachment is available for conditions where the gage is difficult to read or total gage height is an issue. Blind hole probes and probe extensions are also available. Probe extensions are 2.5" long, and up to three extensions can be assembled together.
Most models feature all-carbide gaging points and are designed for the machining environment with a dust/water protection level of IP42 or IP53. Battery life, under normal use, is approximately 5,000 hours.


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