Enhanced Matching Of Imported Models

Numerical Control Computer Sciences says features added to its NCL multi-axis machining software offer more freedom and flexibility in importing models. Designed for the aerospace, automotive and turbomachinery industries, the CAM software gives users the option to use a label-matching algorithm when importing an external model through IGES or SolidWorks. The algorithm enables users to compare each geometric entity in the external file with an existing NCL model and to apply the same label as a matching entity in the NCL database. According to the company, this allows programmers to quickly import new models and match them with previously stored programs.


In addition, the label-matching feature maintains labeling of geometry between engineering changes and can be used for labeling part-family models. The software also includes regressive matching, which provides multiple matching levels. The company says the label-matching feature both improves the quality of imported models and reduces programming time.