Enhancement Adds Support For High Speed Machining

New Product From: 6/12/2008 Modern Machine Shop

The Advanced 3D with high speed machining (HSM) enhancement, as an addition to GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer, provides a range of three-axis milling functions that support HSM strategies. The enhancement includes support for 3D material and advanced tool shapes; new types of finishing processes such as surface step-over cut and steep/shallow combination; improved toolpath quality; improved use of boundaries; and enhanced entry/exit control. The enhancement also provides the ability to directly machine faceted bodies (including imported STL files), offers automatic core/cavity detection and can perform automatic filleting of surfaces to avoid sharp, concave corners.

• 2-5 Axis Milling
• Mill/Turn and Multi-Task Machining
• Solid Modeling & High Speed Machining
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