Enhancements Improve Machine Tool Productivity

Siemens has enhanced its Sinumerik Operate user interface and Sinumerik MDynamics CNC milling and turning technology to improve machine tool performance.

New Product Announcements From: 4/23/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Siemens has enhanced its Sinumerik Operate user interface and Sinumerik MDynamics CNC milling and turning technology to improve machine tool performance. Both enhancements are designed to improve user productivity and part surface finish.

Sinumerik Operate combines the HMI-Advanced, ShopMill and ShopTurn operator and programming interfaces to create a single, consistent user interface. The user interface contains animated elements and is designed to facilitate intuitive operation and programming. According to the company, a range of new functions enables complex workpieces to be set up with ease and produced in a single clamping operation.

Designed to operate like Sinumerik Operate, Sinumerik process measurement cycles are available for automatic workpiece and tool-measurement processes. For these cycles and other functional features, the input masks are provided with animated elements using the Sinumerik language programGuide. With ShopMill and ShopTurn, they also include a simulation capability. Measured values can be updated automatically and used both for tool correction and zero offset.

The animated elements are designed to support machine operators with predictive graphic animation of operating and programming steps. ShopMill’s programming functionality also offers graphical support, such as display of the rotary axis in position patterns, pocket calculator functions with fit indication, and the ability to hide selected positions in position patterns. Cylinder surface transformation and multiple-workpiece clamping are also included in the package.
Tool management within Sinumerik Operate includes new grinding tool types, measurement probe types and depiction modes for tools using graphics and detailed picture views. Shortcuts simplify search operations in most operating areas, such as files, tools or in the editor.

Sinumerik MDynamics is designed for three- and five-axis milling applications. It combines the CNC hardware, smart CNC functions and the integral CAD/CAM/CNC process chain into a single package. The company says this is useful for industries that are required to comply with high standards of surface quality and precision, such as automotive, aerospace, power generation, medical part production, shop-floor manufacturing and tool- and mold making.

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