ER Collets Enable a Five-Axis CNC to do Lathe Work

Jergens offers ER collets to its Fixture Pro five-axis quick-change workholding system.

New Product Announcements From: 7/6/2012 Modern Machine Shop

Jergens has introduced ER collets to its Fixture Pro five-axis quick-change workholding system. Designed to hold rods and other round workpieces, the new collets will be on display along with an accompanying five-axis “flower” fixture. The addition of the ER collets is said to give those working with five-axis machines more flexibility and quick-change fixturing options. The base of the new collets is designed to mount to Fixture Pro risers and pallet systems. The collets can also be mounted to the company’s new flower fixture, which holds three collets at an angle suitable for five-axis machining.

The collets sit on the table and hold the workpiece, which makes it possible to machine rods and other round workpieces, enabling a five-axis CNC machine to do lathe work. The system also offers quick-change capabilities for complete part-to-part changeover in less than 60 sec., the company says. Collets are available in ER 11, ER 16, ER 20, ER 25, and ER 32 sizes.


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