Expanded Sinker EDM Series Accommodates Large Workpieces

Makino has expanded its EDNC series of sinker EDM machines with the EDNC10, EDNC15 and EDNC20 models.

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Makino has expanded its EDNC series of sinker EDM machines with the EDNC10, EDNC15 and EDNC20 models. Designed to provide power, speed and precision in large work envelopes, these rigidly-constructed EDMs accommodate large, heavy workpieces while still producing delicate, fine features with high accuracy and exceptional surface finish, the company says. These machines’ large work sizes are ideal for die/mold shops as well as aerospace and power-generation equipment manufacturers.

The EDNC10 has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 39.4" × 23.6" × 19.7", with a 59.1" × 43.3" × 19.7" worktank accommodating a workload of 6,614 lbs. The EDNC15’s travels measure 59.1" × 27.6" × 19.7" with a 98.4" × 55.1" × 31.5" work tank, while the EDNC20 has travels measuring 78.7" × 27.6" × 23.6" with a 110.2" × 63.0" × 41.3" worktank. Both the EDNC15 and EDNC20 models accommodate a workload of 22,047 lbs.

The EDNC10 and EDNC15 are designed with full, three-sided programmable drop tanks, providing ergonomic access for setup and operation. The EDNC20 features a programmable rise-and-fall front door, which controls dielectric fluid level and can be set to match the height of the workpiece while providing optimum viewing of the machining operation.

Other machine design features include high-mass castings to ensure mechanical and thermal stability; a stationary table for accurate positioning; a space-saving integrated reservoir in the base casting to reduce machine size; and dual-anchored direct-drive ballscrews that are said to maintain precision over the long term.

Like Makino’s other EDMs, these models use HyperCut technology for increased power levels without additional electrode reduction and the company’s Hyper-I control system. All the machines feature 60-A (80-peak-amp) power supplies, with 120- or 240-A options available.

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