Extended Features For CNC Grinding Systems

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Fagor Automation offers a 500-MB flash drive with its new grinding CNC systems. Standard features include a USB port for program uploading and downloading as well as 25 percent more processing speed. Grinding cycles are created within conversational format screens, which allow users to enter part dimensions into the data windows while using graphs to prevent errors in program creation.


Available canned cycles include: facing cycles; internal linear cycles; internal multi-plunge cycles; internal passing cycles; internal swing cycles; multi-plunge and passing cycles; passing cycles; plunge with swing cycles; straight plunge cycles; and dressing cycles. In addition, part-zero offset, diamond offset and taper-rate correction screens are made conversational using graphic examples. The controls also include Solid Graphics, which allows operators to define existing part stock dimensions. Thus, during cutting in execution or simulation modes, the operator can see the stock ground to the finished part dimensions in a Solid Graphic representation. Conventional toolpath graphics are also included. 

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