Fagor 8065 CNC Designed for the Aerospace Industry

Fagor Automation offers the high-performance 8065 CNC at IMTS 2012. It is designed specifically for aerospace applications.

New Product Announcements From: 7/31/2012 Modern Machine Shop
Originally titled 'High-Performance CNC Designed for the Aerospace Industry'

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Fagor Automation USA’s high-performance 8065 CNC is designed specifically for aerospace applications. It is equipped with the aerospace-specific high-speed surface accuracy (HSSA) machining system and can control as many as 28 axes and four separate spindles with four different execution channels.  
The CNC is capable of block-processing speeds of <0.5 ms while analyzing the tool path with high-speed block look ahead. An adaptive real-time feed and speed (ARFS) control analyzes the machining conditions, such as spindle load, servo power and tool-tip temperature, and it adapts both the axis feed rate and the spindle speed to maximize productivity. The onboard Bode diagram tool enables frequency response measurement so that machine vibrations can be filtered out, and the volumetric compensation (FVC) feature enables mapping of the machine’s total work volume. The CNC uses a combination of splines and polynomial transitions, as well as interpretation of the NURB format, to process CAD/CAM-generated programs.
The 8065 CNC features the company’s interactive icon-based pages (IIP) conversational programming, which enables the user to choose the operation based on the associated icon key. The key brings the user to a single graphic-assist screen containing all variables necessary for the operation, the company says. A pop-up browsing operation philosophy simplifies navigation, and custom filtered browsing is also available.
The CNC can be set up as another node within the computer network using Ethernet communication. It is capable of executing a program residing on another PC through the Ethernet port. This CNC is offered with a 10" or 15" high-resolution LCD TFT color or touchscreen, USB and built-in touch-sensitive mouse pad.

Additional products on display will include the 8055 series CNC, the GA and SA absolute linear encoder, a line of high-resolution angular rotary encoders, and the 40i True Vision digital readout. 

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