Family Of Indexable Cutters For Large Spur And Helical Gears

New Product From: 4/24/2008 Modern Machine Shop
Gleason has introduced a line of gear gashing, shaping and hobbing cutters that employ replaceable, indexable carbide insert technology designed to improve the speed and efficiency of large spur and helical gear production.

The company says that the OptiCut series of cutters is the first in its size range to use indexable inserts with advanced carbide substrates and coatings. This enables the series to compete with solid, high speed steel cutters normally used to rough and finish gash, hob or shape large cylindrical gears. The company says that with these cutters, large gear manufacturers can operate gear production machines at higher speeds and feeds, as well as cut “dry,” helping to reduce the total cost per workpiece.

The cutters also eliminate the time and expense associated with grinding/resharpening solid cutters as their cutting surfaces wear with repeated use, the company says. Wear is accommodated quickly and economically by indexing inserts to a new cutting edge—with four edges available before the insert needs to be replaced.

The insert screw clamping system uses angled clamping screws rather than screws that clamp at right angles to the insert. As a result, longer screws can be used to more securely clamp the insert.

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