Fifty-Five Degree Triangular Insert

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Sumitomo Electric says its SumiTurn T-Rex triangle insert is a cost-effective replacement for the 55-degree DNMG. Featuring six cutting edges (compared to the DNMG’s four edges), the new insert has contoured edges for clamping within the turning system, which is said to be conducive to accurate indexing.

Three grades—the AC700G for finishing steels and stainless steels, and also for roughing cast irons; the AC2000 for general purpose machining of steels, stainless steels and cast irons; and the AC3000 for heavy roughing and interrupted machining of steels and stainless steels—are offered. A maximum cutting depth of   0.100" (2.5 mm) can be achieved. LU chipbreakers allow for finish to medium cutting, while GU chipbreakers enable medium to rough cutting.

This offering is compatible with T-Rex turning toolholders and boring bars.


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