Filtration System Can Improve Tool Performance

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The Mudsucker removes solid contaminants from machine tool coolants, straight oil- and aqueous-based wash solutions, resulting in renewed fluid quality, improved parts surface finish and reduced machine tool wear, the company says.


The portable coolant filtration system uses a high-flow pump and bag filter vessel to handle sumps in the 25 to 250 gallon range.The unit can be moved from machine to machine by disconnecting the air supply line and moving the included hoses to the next machine tool sump to be cleaned. For added flexibility, a range of micron ratings are available to suit machining application requirements. The air diaphragm pump draws fluid from the sump through the filter bag and returns it to the machine tool with enough flow and force to clean the tank bottom. This virtually eliminates the need for operators or maintenance personnel to rake or shovel chips or sludge from the sump. The system is available in 15-gpm or 25-gpm models, each of which comes standard with a portable cart, eight feet of suction hose, an air regulator with 1/4" connection and five replacement filter bags.