Filtration System Removes Fine Particulate

PRAB’s Candle filtration unit removes fine particulate from spent oil and coolant.

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PRAB’s Candle filtration unit removes fine particulate from spent oil and coolant. Capable of providing clarity down to 1 micron, the filter is specifically designed for EDM, tungsten carbide and cutter grinding, honing, and precision grinding applications.

The unit uses a long-lasting, candle-like filter element composed of thousands of thin discs compressed tightly by a spring. When dirty fluid passes through the tiny gaps between the discs, particles 1 micron and larger are trapped on the outer edges of the filter element. The filter is automatically cleaned by a rapid backwash cycle, which uses air to blow out the trapped particles and then purges them into a sludge collection basket. The filter offers flow rates ranging from 13 to 80 gpm and can be equipped with an integral chiller for applications requiring temperature control. Temperature variance is between 1 and 2°F with the chiller, said to extend tool life and increase part quality.

According to the company, the system requires less-frequent changing of the sludge bag and significantly less maintenance than other filtration methods with comparable particle retention. The unit features a side-access panel for easy removal of the bin when the sludge bag needs to be changed. The filter produces a dryer sludge than other systems, the company says.

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