Five-Axis Machine Built For Rigidity, Accuracy

Ganesh says its X5 160 five-axis CNC machining center enables users to machine five sides of a part in one setup. Capable of simultaneous five-axis operations, the machine’s casting was CAD-designed with finite element analysis (FEA) and features numerous, strategically placed heavy-cast ribs to increase rigidity. According to the company, the casting and boxway design dampen vibration, prolong tool life and provide quality surface finish. Slideways are coated with Turcite-B antifriction material to minimize stick/slip characteristics and ensure accuracy during demanding cuts.


The machine’s Fagor 8055i plus control features look-ahead capability for high speed machining. Digital servomotors enable users to tune the spindle and axis drives to improve dynamic response and geometric accuracy. The six-bearing thermal symmetrical spindle is dynamically balanced and is said to provide high axial thrust capacity while generating little heat. The machine comes standard with an 8,000-rpm spindle, while 10,000-, 12,000- and 15,000-rpm spindles are available as options. Other features include air blast, chip wash and wiring for a chip conveyor.

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