Five-Axis Machining Center

The company says its Ecospeed F HT  five-axis machining center offers users better accuracy and surface quality. The machining center covers applications ranging from mass production to a single job lot. It can be used in the machining of components such as rotor blades, compression molding dies, structural parts, motor cylinder blocks or other free-formed parts. 


Features of the product include a Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head,  variable spindle unit platform and static column. The parallel kinematic machining head reaches acceleration as high as 1 G. According to the company, this reduces set-up times because virtually all operations of a component may be carried out in one setting. Additionally, the head carries out all movements of both rotational axes, including the Z-axis.


Regardless of the material, the surface quality is such that no further finishing is required, the company says.