Five-Axis Machining Center For Large Parts

Featuring X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 1,000 mm, 1,100 mm and 700 mm respectively, the C 50 U machining center is useful for simultaneous five-axis and/or five-sided machining of large automotive and aircraft parts. Also useful for molds requiring high-precision operation, the machine carries a maximum workpiece weight of 2,000 kg. It attains a rapid traverse linear rate of 60 meters per minute in the X and Y axes and 55 meters per minute in the Z axis. The Y axis provides tandem drive for higher machine dynamics.


The product is available with an NC swiveling rotary table with a standard clamping surface of up to 700 mm in diameter or an optional clamping surface of 1,150 mm × 900 mm in diameter. Both tables utilize an integrated torque motor (C axis) and a tandem drive motor (A axis). The A axis has 20 rpm and the C axis has 30 rpm. Both axes have a swivel range of +30 degrees/-15 degrees. The maximum part dimension is a diameter of 1,000 mm and a height of 810 mm with precision in the single-digit micron range.


Additional capabilities of the product include crane loading with a door opening as much as 1,250 mm; a space-saving pickup magazine built into the base unit; three guideways with a single guideshoe for force balance; and work platforms along the entire machine front and at the magazine load station.

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