Five-Axis Programmable Head

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The M5414, the company’s newest five-axis programmable head attachment, attaches to virtually any three-axis vertical, horizontal or bridge-style CNC milling center to provide simultaneous five-axis machining and drilling capability. 

Enhancements include an upgraded spindle and bearings designed to increase rigidity and produce a smooth surface finish.  The attachment also offers a 20 percent improvement in accuracy compared to the company’s previous models because of upgraded worm gears. Additionally, the model has been adapted to 40- and 50- taper CNC machines and several PC-based controls.

The M5414 uses the host machine's own spindle drive, which transfers directly to the tool at a ratio of 1:1.  Designed to handle complex machining including full five-axis profiling, contouring, slots and holes, the holding fixture enables installation in less than thirty minutes.

The product measures approximately 8.50" in diameter by 12.00" in length. It has a tilt range of ± 90 degrees and a continuous 360-degree rotation capability.


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