Five-Axis Vertical Machining Center

The company’s 5AX 400 vertical machining center features fully integrated five-axis contouring functions, a built-in (rather than bolted on) tilting trunnion table system and a choice of control systems dedicated to five-axis machining operations. Its rigid foundation is hand-scraped, gray cast iron produced to the highest metallurgical standards, the company says.

Key features and specifications include the user's choice of computer controls. The two systems are Ethernet compatible, ready for networking. The 14" rotary/tilting trunnion table provides 150 degrees of tilt in the A axis, and a 360-degree rotation in the C axis to accomplish the five-axis contouring operations. The X, Y, Z axes working range is 32" x 24" x 20"

The machine boasts fast rapid traverse rates at 1700 ipm and high acceleration rates at 6 m/sec2. The spindle accepts face-and-taper tooling as standard and provides improved surface finishes, rigidity and accuracy. An optional spindle selection provides up to 40,000 rpm. A twin-arm, automatic tool changer accepts 30 tools.