Fixed And Sliding Headstock Turning In One Machine

Index Corporation offers the Traub TNL series sliding headstock machines for high-speed, precise production of medical fasteners and other small components, such as dental implants and bone screws. The TNL12/ 26/ K series machines offer the advantages of both fixed and sliding headstock turning processes in the same machine design concept—a 12-station turret, main and counter spindles, a live tool drive, and as many as four tools in the cut simultaneously.


According to the company, the new design contributes to the machines’ ability to reduce   setup time and material expenses.   The TNL26 model can be supplied with two 12-station turrets (a Y axis is optional on both turrets); a five-station end-working tool carrier; a counter spindle; and a five-station back-working tool carrier. The L-version boasts a maximum Z-axis travel of approximately 10", while the K-version has a Z-axis travel of 4".



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