Flap Discs For Deburring, Cleaning And Finishing

The company’s abrasive flap disc offering provides solutions for a variety of surface conditioning applications, from deburring to cleaning to weld blending and finishing, according to the company. Instead of switching from a Type 27 wheel to a resin fiber disc a user can grind and finish in one step, which results in fewer changeovers and increased productivity.

This line of Tiger Discs is made for medium to high production environments. The company also offers a line of Vortec abrasive flap discs targeted for low to medium production environments.

The company’s flap disc offering includes specialty flap discs for application specific situations, including; BobCat, a 2" or 3" abrasive flap disc designed for use on right angle air die grinders; the Big Cat, primarily used for grinding and finishing curved and irregular surfaces; and the Tiger Disc for Stainless Steel, specially designed for stainless steel fabricators to provide cool-cutting on stainless steel applications.

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