Flat-Part Inspection

The LaserQC inspection system is now capable of measuring a wider variety of complex parts. For example, users are able to measure parts made of flexible material with a part stabilizer. This integrated cover system sandwiches a part between the glass cover and the support glass to force the part to conform to the flat surface. As a result, the accuracy of the scan is independent of the flatness of the original part.

New reference disks allow fabricators to measure parts with poor edge condition, bend locations and 3D feature slopes. Placing a disk against a part edge gives a precise location for the point of contact.

The direct digitization feature enables operators to draw on a part with the laser to determine the accurate position of a part feature that is not detected by a regular scan. It can be used to outline features, such as holes, that do not go through a part or formed features on a part.

The optimized multiple scanning process means that the system can scan parts as thick as 8" (200 mm).