Flexible Machining For Medium–Volume Production—Mikron, Booth 1025

The Ideo 2 transfer machining system has been designed for the execution of geometric complex machining on six faces in one single clamping. The company states that flexibility and reliability are guaranteed. The Ideo 2 features two independent machining modules including two independent spindles and two A/B axes. The Ideo2 allows for the parallel machining of different workpieces with two automatic toolchangers, each with a 32-tool capacity. With 5-axis positioning and 4 axis interpolation, the clamping vices feature a 360-degree orientation. Workpieces can be manually or automatically loaded. The system features a Fanuc CNC, a high performance 14,000 rpm spindle with an HSK-A 63 toolholder. Other features include 1.6-second tool change, through-coolant spindles, stable and rigid machine base, electronic tool breakage control and more.  

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