Flexible Pallet Container System Integrated with HMC

The FPC 3000 from Fastems is a flexible pallet container (FPC) type automation system. It will be on display at IMTS 2012.

New Product Announcements From: 7/16/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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The FPC 3000 from Fastems is a flexible pallet container (FPC) type automation system. The system is part of Fastems’ entry-level flexible manufacturing solutions (FMS) and will be integrated with a Kitamura HX800iL HMC.

The FPC 3000 is a single-level FMS specifically designed to handle 800-mm and 1,000-mm pallets. The company has replaced the typical crane-style pallet changer with a new, dual-rail guided pallet change vehicle that has a low-profile design. This system accommodates loads as heavy as 3,000 kg, as high as 1,800 mm and as much as 1,600 mm in diameter.
The standard system will be shown with a load station and six pallet positions. However, the unit can be extended to include as many as 18 pallet positions and three identical machine tools. It will be directed by the Fastems manufacturing management system (MMS) cell controller. The MMS5 software can be configured for a single manufacturing cell, or expanded to function as a shop-wide system integrated with other manufacturing plant software programs, such as ERP and MRP systems. It is compatible with MTConnect.


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