Flexible Shaft Measuring Systems

The Opticline non-contact CNC shaft gaging system measures form, dimensional and positional tolerances of shaft-type parts in submicron detail, recording results immediately, according to Detroit Precision Hommel.


The shaft gaging systems accommodate shaft sizes ranging from 0.2 mm to 480 mm in diameter, 1 mm to  2,500 mm in length, with measuring accuracies as high as ± 1 micron, providing an alternative to conventional shaft measuring techniques.


Telecentric camera measuring systems and customized calibration processes are said to permit measurements of complicated workpiece geometry, so users can precisely measure cylindrical and eccentric shafts, such as crankshafts, camshafts, compressor and turbine shafts.


One pass of the optical measuring head can record contour, diameters, length, roundness, concentricity, cones, angles, flatness, parallelism, eccentricity, stroke, threads and more. Measurements are completed within a production cycle for quality control. Manufacturing checks, automatic tool correction, dimensional measurement, initial sample measurement and machine setup are typical applications.


This group of gages is driven by Windows-based measuring software. A measuring program can be assembled from function macros, so repeated measuring tasks can be accomplished relatively quickly, the company says.


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