Flexible Two-Axis Grinder

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With its flexible Two-axis configuration, the Okuma GA/GP-FII series CNC OD cylindrical grinder is said to excel in a variety of industries. With its flexible two-axis configuration, it supports OD finishing on parts as long as 1 m and weighing as much as 330 lbs. The heavy base design and hydrodynamic spindle are said to be critical to the GA/GP-FII Series’ ability to accurately machine larger parts.

These grinders are also equipped with a quick-release wheel change system. When used with the optional auto-wheel balancer, wheel changes can be completed in 5 minutes or less.

The GA/GP-34-FII grinder has a hydrodynamic spindle with 0.01-µm rotation accuracy, for rigidity and wheel-spindle motor power. This model is capable of a maximum grinding diameter ranging to 11.81" and has a swing over table of 12.99". Accommodating up to an 18" diameter wheel, the grinder is capable of grinding parts as long as 59". A full enclosure, gap eliminator, load control grinding and lateral locator are all standard features. In-process gaging is provided and high-pressure coolants are available.

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