Full Model Change for Vertical machining center Series

The NVX5000 series of VMCs from DMG/Mori Seiki has evolved from the NV5000 series as a result of a full model change.

The NVX5000 series of VMCs from DMG/Mori Seiki has evolved from the NV5000 series as a result of a full model change. The high-rigidity machine includes features to prevent thermal displacement and save energy; is compliant with safety standards; and features MAPPS IV + ESPRIT.
By using slideways for all axes, the VMC offers improved vibration damping performance and dynamic rigidity. It also offers longer tool life and capabilities for heavy-duty cutting, the company says. Additionally, it achieves a rapid traverse rate of 30 m/min on all axes.
The VMC uses a spindle in which air and cooling oil pipes are arranged symmetrically, relative to the center of the spindle. The heat-symmetrical structure minimizes thermal displacement in the spindle by dispersing heat evenly.
In addition, coolant circulation inside castings (a bed and column), which is available as an option, enables the machine to achieve active control over thermal displacement caused by cutting heat and changes in the ambient temperature.
Three variations for different workpiece sizes are available. The NVX5060, NVX5080 and NVX5100 feature X-axis strokes of 600, 800 and 1,050 mm, respectively. Also, No. 40 and No. 50 taper spindles are available.
The VMC series is designed to reduce environmental burden and running costs, the company says. To save power, the spindle motor, servo motors and fans inside the control panel are stopped during standby. It also uses LED lighting.The total power consumption is approximately 35 percent lower than the conventional NV5000 series, the company says.
The VMC series uses the MAPPS IV high-performance operating system for its operation panel. In addition to standard automatic programming software, ESPRIT CAM software is available as an option. The combination of MAPPS IV and ESPRIT enables the machine to accommodate complex programming. It also provides user flexibility.
The VMC series is said to conform to safety standards including CE Standards, UL Standards and ANSI.

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