Fully Integrated Machining/Automation Cell

Designed for job shops with small to medium lot sizes, the JobShop Cell from Methods Machine Tools is a fully integrated production cell that combines a RoboDrill VMC with a fully interfaced Fanuc six-axis robot for automated loading/unloading. Pre-engineered to meet a job shop’s need for simple installation, fast setups, quick change-overs, operator safety and production flexibility, the cell can be configured to accommodate virtually any part that will fit in its 6" vise or chuck, the company says. It comes complete with inbound and outbound conveyors and guarding. The standardized work-handling interface accommodates a variety of hydraulic or pneumatic workholding options. The cell also can be equipped with an optional fourth axis and workholding fixture. According to the company, robotic loading/unloading minimizes a long list of job shop problems: It reduces a shop’s dependence on skilled labor, is available at all times, reduces labor costs, reduces personnel problems, reduces scrap and increases productivity. The Fanuc RoboDrill VMC offers a 14-tool (or optional 21-tool) toolchanger; torque to 56 foot-pounds; rigid tapping to 5,000 rpm (8,000 rpm optional); accelerations to 1.5 G in the X, Y and Z axes; rapid traverses to 2,125 ipm; feed rates to 1,181 ipm (2,362 ipm optional); high speed reverse tapping; and thread milling. The Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot includes grippers, a teaching pendant and several customizable programs.