Gage Computer With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Data Input

VGage's VE-805 gage computer is a PC-based tool for gage monitoring and display, raw data collection and storage, measurement analysis, statistical control computations and charting and outputting data to external information-sharing devices. Featuring Wi-Fi data-input capabilities and Bluetooth wireless technology, the computer works with various measurement mechanisms, including most digital probes, air gages and inspection equipment with capacity to convert results to an electrical signal. It can operate with as many as 31 multiple-input devices.


The computer displays gage measurements in real time with a high-resolution color LCD screen. The inspected part can be portrayed as a graphic digital picture, a bitmap illustration or a CAD-file representation. In addition to a graphic image, the computer can present displayed data in tabled columns with digital values. The unit also provides a selection of SPC charting display options using real-time values.


Featuring a VIA microprocessor and Windows XP Tablet operating system, the computer incorporates the company's Pro 7 software suite for measurement and statistics performance. For use with precise inspection tools, the computer can achieve resolutions to 0.0000001". For data storage and information archiving, the unit includes a 40+ GB hard drive, two USB ports and Ethernet capability for connectivity to auxiliary output devices. These can include remote monitoring stations, printers, network drives and machine cell and system-monitoring controllers.