Gages Measure Internal Threads

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The company’s PG-6000 Series gages measure diameters of internal threads while the RG-7000 Series gages measure diameters of external threads. Both series inspect the affects of all thread element variations and report deviations. Before inspecting parts, the gages must be preset to a nominal predetermined dimension using gage blocks, micrometers or the company’s MIC Trac measurement center. According to the company, to ensure maximum accuracy, the gages use matched sets of precision ground thread rolls that seat in the threads during inspection. Each set of thread rolls is said to be designed to ANSI specifications to measure unlimited diameters for a specific thread form.

The company says some features of the gages include the use of interchangeable thread rolls for measurement of different thread rolls; the ability to replace conventional ring and plug gages by providing actual diameter readings; providing functional measurement by inspecting the affects of thread element variations; and eliminating unnecessary damage to threads caused by ring and plug gages.


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