GC4325 Coated Cemented Carbide Grade is Useful for Steel Turning

Originally titled 'Coated Cemented Carbide Grade is Useful for Steel Turning'

Sandvik Coromant’s GC4325 is a coated cemented-carbide grade for steel turning.

Sandvik Coromant’s GC4325 is a coated cemented-carbide grade for steel turning. This tool material provides a high potential for increasing cutting speeds and a longer, more predictable tool life with high reliability over an extended broad ISO P25 application area.

Predictability has become increasingly important in today’s machining, especially where there is limited supervision in production. There are always a number of threats to the edge line remaining intact long enough in steel turning. One challenge is the breadth of the ISO P25 application area, which includes several different materials, from ductile low-carbon steels to high-alloy hard steels, bar material to forgings, castings to pre-machined parts. The new grade, GC4325, will help users resist holding back on cutting-data levels, the company says. The grade provides high process security through its ability to retain an intact edge line.

The insert substrate and coating of GC4325 have been developed to better withstand high temperatures, thereby reducing the effect that causes excessive wear.

Also, the grade is highly capable of maintaining the insert edge line at higher temperatures, which translates into the capability for higher cutting speeds with added security through more predictable and longer tool life, the company says.

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