Gear Center And Profile Grinder Offer Application Flexibility

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The company offers its KX500 flex gear center and the ZE400 profile grinder. The KX500 gear center is designed to offer the flexibility of application-specific production solutions including continuous generating grinding, discontinuous profile grinding or a combination of both methods. It grinds external spur and helical gears of modules as large as 0.4" (10 mm) with an maximum outside diameter of 19.7" (500 mm) and a maximum gear width of 20.5" (520 mm). Either conventional dressable worms or profile grinding wheels can be used. Also, the unitaccommodates a single- or twin-spindle dresser. Depending on the applied dresser, different technologies can be used for dressing. The gear center features a multistation turntable and twin-spindle dresser with many different tooling concepts.These conceptsinclude dressable ceramic tools for prototype machining and grinding of medium- to high-volume series and non-dressable tools for manufacturing medium- and high-volume series. Automation options are also available. The ZE 400 profile grinder is engineered so that all operator elements, including the workpiece, can be reached from the factory floor. The machine bed casting, made of thermally-optimized ductile iron, supports a workpiece as heavy as 2,650 lbs. The base machine is equipped with Siemens 840D control and includes a tailstock, CNC dressing device and on-board measuring. Machine axes are driven by Siemens 611D simo-drives. Workpiece data are directly input into the control through a personalized operator-interface or prepared for transfer via network. The profile grinder uses both dressable and non-dressable CBN wheels. Optional grinding spindles are available for CBN profile grinding wheels with smaller diameters or internal CBN grinding equipment. These spindles further increase the machine’s application potential, the company says.

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