Gear-Grinding Center Features In-Process Measurement

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The KX300P gear-grinding center can dress a range of gears without changing dressing disks, according to manufacturer Kapp Technologies. With optional ring-loader automation, the grinder offers both discontinuous form grinding and continuous generation of grinding processes with either dressable or electroplated CBN tools for either process. In addition, the machine’s optional on-board gear inspection can reduce setup time when producing prototypes, the company says. This feature can also be used for quality audits required for “batch” control when grinding with dressable wheels during production runs. Featuring in-process measurement to assist in aligning separate gear elements, the grinder is useful for complex, compound gears. It has a vertical workpiece orientation, which can enable the integration of a custom-designed automatic loading system for increased efficiency. In addition, the machine is offered on a Niles platform for grinding gears with diameters as large as 1,000 mm.

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