Gear Hobbing Can Be More Productive

New Product From: 4/6/2005 Modern Machine Shop

With Neidlein’s FDNC face drivers, gear hobbing can be performed in one operation, eliminating the use of a chuck. Because the entire workpiece is exposed for machining and turned in one operation, cycle times are reduced. These face drivers also deliver high-tolerance concentricity/runout specifications of 0.00003 to 0.00007. The center pin and drive disk system can also be adjusted to achieve zero runout, the company says.


According to the company, improvements in accuracy are possible because hobbs stay on one machine and tolerance stack-ups are eliminated. The single-axis reference point established by the face driver’s center point is also said to allow for a higher concentricity.


Flange mount and two shank styles—the Morse-taper and straight shank—are available.

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