Gear Honing Machines

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The ZH 200 Gear honing machine is used for the finish machining of the tooth flanks of hardened gears. The company claims that the process of the machine ensures that every workpiece/tool contact point is precisely controlled, significantly improving on tooth geometry, runout and pitch errors. This produces a high quality flank surface with low noise tooth contact characteristics, says the company.

According to the company, the machine has been designed to incorporate a direct drive honing head and headstock to deliver higher accuracies and speeds on workpieces up to 200 mm (7.87"), with maximum tooth widths of 50 mm (1.97"), and a module range of 0.5 to 4.5. The company says their honing machine can combine its high cutting speeds with an optional, fully integrated gantry loader system. Additionally, the company says that the honing software is fully integrated with the Siemens CNC controller making it possible for the operator to create the wanted machining cycle simply by entering the tool and workpiece information. The machine software is said to automatically create the machining cycle.

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