Grinder Accelerates As High As 2.5 G

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Recommended for precise, small-lot work, Chevalier’s FGP-608LM combines linear motor drive and a three-axis closed loop electronic control to provide 2.5 G acceleration/deceleration speed, 720 times per minute reciprocating rate at 5/8" stroke and 328 fpm table speed. Ribbed Meehanite cast iron castings with hardened and ground ways coupled with the company’s spindle enable the machine to operate virtually free of vibration during high speed, close-tolerance machining processes. Prominent features include a 6" × 8" work area; repeatability of 0.0001" for the X axis and 0.000040" for the Y and Z axes; spindle speeds ranging from 2,000 rpm to 10,000 rpm; a Fanuc linear motor for models with the Fanuc 18iM control and a Siemens linear motor for those with the company’s “Smart” control. The closed-loop electronic control pendant features conversational programming, G code, customized programs and options for networking.

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Centerless Grinding Machine Uses Angular Plunging

The grinding machine features a grinding spindle mounted on maintenance-free hybrid roller bearings for high peripheral speeds of as much as 150 m/sec., and in combination with the machine’s CBN high-speed technology, cycle times and setup times can be significantly reduced.