Grinder With High Feed Rate, Rotary Indexer

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Designed for quick and efficient grinding of blades and vanes, the FGC 2 Flexible Grinding Center uses aluminum-oxide grinding wheels and a high speed wheel changer. According to manufacturer Bridgeport, the machine’s two-axis rotary indexer and 100-ipm feed rate make it a viable alternative to surface grinders that use creep-feed methods. The rotary indexer enables the machine to complete parts in one clamping. Also, grinding one part at a time reduces the risk of scrap. The machine’s 50-hp, 8,000-rpm spindle incorporates BT Face and Taper locating adapters for wheel-flange mounting. In addition, the cast iron base platform can sustain the rigors of dressing wheels and deep cuts, the company says. Equipped with dual arbor diamond roll dressers, the machine uses software change-over and setups as opposed to hard tooling change-over and setups.

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