Grinding And Hobbing Medium-Pitch Gears And Worms

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Using high speed direct drive spindles for the work head and work spindle, the P 90 G horizontal grinding and hobbing machine from Gleason Corporation provides a universal base for multiple grinding processes. Specific software packages are available for various grinding methods, such as profile grinding or generating grinding with a worm-type wheel. All processes are based on the use of non-dressable CBN plated grinding wheels, and the diameter of the wheels can be as small as the diameter of the hob used for prehobbing. According to the company, this results in increasing cycle times.


A gantry loader system with buffer storage can be incorporated. The automation is adaptable to different part types, and a variety of coolant filtration systems are offered to accommodate application-specific requirements.


Standard features include a 3.5 sq. m footprint; a Siemens CNC controller with its Windows-based software interface; and menu-assisted programming.


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