Grinding Control System

Service Network, Inc. has introduced their new Millennium Series grinder control package.  The control system is said to utilize an integrated architecture that brings together an outstanding range of components and systems that have been developed to meet today’s manufacturing challenges.  These include a high speed, multi-tasking controller, Ethernet and SERCOS networks, integrated motion, visualization, and intelligent motor control.  The result is a control strategy that is easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. The Millennium Series hardware combines with SNI’s Quickpro custom grinding software. The company claims that non-productive cycle time is minimized through the control’s quick set-up capabilities, and features that allow grind cycles to be optimized to save seconds in both conventional and CBN applications. The Millennium Series is offered on all of SNI’s new machines, the SN400-I Internal grinder, SN200-E External grinder, and the SN115 Internal Production grinder.  It is also an integral part of the Hi-Rez Slide System, available as a retrofit package for older Heald CF machines.