Grinding Machine

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The Smart II Series CNC profile grinders run with Microsoft Win-CE operating system. The machine features include advanced preview function, auto corner override and variable pitch and depth slicing capability. A PLC on the X-axis is offered on models with ballscrew driven tables. Built-in factory-programmed canned cycles for surface, crisscross, plung and multi-slot grinding are viewable on a ten-inch color TRT screen. Line productivity is said to be enhanced with conveniences like three-step grinding where the operator selects the grinding mode on the first screen, grinding type on the second screen and data input on the third. Dressing-while-grinding capability means pressing "yes" in the dress interrupt prompt. The wheel stops, goes to the wheel dresser, dresses automatically with wheel wear compensation and the goes back to the original grinding position, said to result in zero grinding interruption, reduce cycle time and consistent part finished. The 8X18 foot models feature double "V" hand-scraped guideways, while the 12-inch and 16-inch models run on needle roller guideways. A direct coupled, air purged spindle is designed with labyrinth type seals to prevent contamination. The recirculating forced lube system is said to provide oil to all traveling surfaces. A counterbalance system in the spindle housing is designed to reduce the load burden. Table sizes offered are 8X18 inches, 12X24 inches and 16X40 inches. The B models have three axis CNC control and ballscrew driving table, while the H models use two-axis CNC control with hydraulic drive.

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